Viewers, readers, fans and followers want to know YOU. To gain the massive exposure you deserve as an author Brian will conduct an informative and entertaining interview with YOU as the Feature Author. This interview, with photo of you and your book cover, will be posted on 1 to 3 sites but the exposure doesn't stop there. These sites are connected to multiple social networking sites to ensure MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. For example, if your interview is posted on one site it is seen on 3 addition social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

Books cannot sell themselves but your name will sell the books.

Your viewers will be just as entertained reading about you as you are answering these questions. On the Internet, for billions of viewers, your inspirations and writing experience will be the focal point. By reading your answers to the designed questions, your audience will feel your passion, discover who you are, develop a connection, and formulate a trust that will direct them from a following to a fan base. They will crave more and soon seek to purchase your book(s).

The more sites—the greater the exposure.

1 Site = $150.00 2 Sites = $200.00 3 Sites = $250.00

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All proceeds donated to children's hospital
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