Have you been searching for a site to showcase you and your books?

Jo-Anne will professionally design a website made just for YOU.

Do you need to start a blog?

She is here to build a most impressive visible showcase for promoting you and your book(s) featured in an attractive display.

A 2 for 1 deal...One page website and the other page a blog.

A professional layout combined site design that will attract readers and keep them there.

Jo-Anne will custom design your personal site as your domain. BlogSpot Platform, ‘’ will be featured in the eyes of thousands.

Your site is the showcase!

Your bio/profile page, contact page, and sample content in the form of a short synopsis or selling pitch will direct your target audience to focus on the book(s) you are selling. User-friendly links will navigate them to the exact purchasing location.

*Site Creation*


* The Site – A Website and blog page.
* Media Release Article –
featured author profile and book with description.
* Registering the site with the top 3 Search Engines -
Google, Yahoo, MSN (additional Open Directory registration).
* Functioning links back to distribution –
where your books are sold.
* Set up accounts in:
Feedburner, Google Analytics, and Google Alerts

Total Price (taxes in) - $350

Absolutely NO monthly or annual fees.

For sample sites Jo-Anne has created for authors, click on the following titles:

- *Conquer All Obstacles*
*Journey to Publication*

Note: Add-On Charges: Upon completion, modifications and any additional changes beyond that of the agreed will be charged an additional opt-in service at $85 per change. Examples of changes may include adding: more posts/articles, more pages (tabs), or specialized features integrated into your site based on your needs. Only upon your consent will these fees be added.

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All proceeds donated to children's hospital
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