Viewers, readers, fans and followers want to know about your book. Is it any good? To gain the massive exposure your book deserves Brian will first read your book and create a book review highlighting the positive aspects which we send to you for your approval. But we don't stop there. Once we have your approval we post that review on multiple blogs, websites and social networking sites to ensure MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your book. Your book promotion will be seen on a minimum of 8 about exposure! Soon the title of your book will be all over the Internet.

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For a one time fee of $75, Brian will:

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> Create a book review for promoting.

> Post your approved review on multiple sites and networks.

> Supply a list of additional groups, blogs, and networks who supply additional book reviews.

Don’t miss this promotional opportunity for such a low price! Many groups, individuals and companies will prepare a regular book review for you and leave you with the hard work of getting that review seen. Not Premium Promotional Services. We are about getting your name and the title of your book out there for people to see.

A single payment will guarantee vigorous promotion with everything they’ve got.

Very soon, YOU and your book(s) will be noticed all over the worldwide web and followers will connect with you to purchase your book(s).
$75.00....that's it. You can then sit back and watch what a Book Title Promotion can do.




I tried to place an order but couldn't. Yes, I do have javascript turned on, so that's not the problem. I'd appreciate it if you could contact me at:

I'm interested in your $75 book promotion.

Thank you!
~ Rebecca Sinclair

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