Brian will redesign your existing blog/website into an attractive exposure—a user-friendly site with simple navigation tabs/buttons for your followers, featuring you and your book(s) to purchase.

Already have a website but not sure if it is providing the pleasing, easy to navigate environment for your readers? Not a problem. Brian will redesign your existing blog/website to fit your needs.

Brian will review your website and prepare a list of possible improvements and/or modifications. From adding navigation buttons to stores selling your books, adding a “buy button” directly on your site or redesigning your site will better promote and allow purchasing your books simple for the consumer.

Once the review is completed Brian will meet with you to discuss this list. If you would like Brian to make the suggested improvements and/or modifications he will waste no time transforming your site in the exposure headquarters it should be.
And that’s not all…
Brian will submit your site to directories, launching your newly redesigned site and he will continue to advise you on how to maintain your newly designed site to attract even more consumers.

Your blog/website is the showcase!

Your site will showcase you and your book(s). Distinctly yours and
FREE from any advertising. At Premium Promotional Services we will prepare your site to do just that. “You Write – We Promote”.

Your newly revamped site will provide maximum exposure at a very minimal cost - $275.00 with no additional monthly or annual fees. Our goal is to help
YOU sell books, not "nickel and dime" you on reoccurring charges.

$275.00 Once...that's all!

Some other author website providers will charge you their fee for a new website just for redesigning yours which can be costly if they include any extra costs for site hosting and support.
Premium Promotional Services is $275.00 once. For FREE we will advise you on maintaining your site. We guarantee more exposure than ever before.

**Upon completion of the agreed upon list of improvements and modifications any additional changes beyond that of the agreed upon list will be changed an additional fee of $50.00. We apologize for this additional fee; however, with the nature of this service and the time involved in these upgrades we hope you understand the need for this fee. Thank you.

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