Here's What I Do

  • Collect material and organize ALL author and book information – Knowing and understanding ‘who’ and ‘what’ is a major key in marketing.
  • Produce tags – Key words optimizes webcrawlers build traffic and increase rank stats. Allow StumbleUpon, Delicious,, Blog Alerts (promotional tactics).
  • Create a professional author platform – The author and his/her books must be unique and stand out from the rest (the competition is fierce).
  • Send recommendations and coach the author – Communication is a must (the amount of connection determined by the author).
  • Research and analyze promotional tactics previously used—what worked for the author before. Focus on the success and build (throw out what didn’t work).
  • Network – Target social media sites and groups specific to the audience that the author needs to attract. Set up author profile (bio), display book covers/trailers, any reviews and interviews, and direct links back to the author’s main site where their books are for sale.
Viral Marketing Service –

- Daily, generate followers by connecting to social media sites such as
Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Red Room, AuthorsDen,,
AmazonConnect (if your books are registered through Amazon), etc.
Create a brand or signature.
- Weekly, add creative links to groups and may connect through relevant
discussions. Build onto the specific site and send out bulletins/notes to all
group members and specific friends/followers.
- Direct all fans back to the author’s main website where the buttons to
purchase the books are there and waiting.

E-mail to the author a detailed weekly newsletter. Included will be:
- Promotional tactics used (as listed above) with specific details of the exact
sites, groups, usernames, passwords, and weekly updated on stats.
- All the fans’ responses and any special notes sent out on the author’s behalf.

Register and submit author’s main website to the top search
, (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) plus link all other generated sites from
social media back to the main site.
- The Yahoo! Search index, which contains several billion web pages, is
more than 99% populated through the free crawl process.”
- Approximate Market Share: Google 63%, Yahoo 20%, Microsoft 9%.

Download and connect feedburner and google analytics to the
author’s main site where he/she can view the stats of viewer hits.

Link all targeted social media groups back to the author’s main
- using RSS feeds that will work as fresh blog content and recent upgrades.

Display “Feature Author” on 3 separate sites and direct link altogether – Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s “Conquer All Obstacles”, Brian Knight’s “The New Author”, and Premium Promotional Services “You Write – We Promote”.

Integrate Facebook with Twitter – ongoing updated status collaborates followers which soon turns into fans. (Viewers – Followers – Fans)

Upload author’s book trailers.

Create a press release - News will be featured and posted as a major event on ALL the now linked sites. A collaboration of the author and his/her books will be highlighted along with any reviews, interviews, book trailers, etc. ALL followers, group members, and friends will be notified of this HUGE announcement—directing ALL viewers back to the author’s main site.

Register the author’s main site to Google Alerts – instant email notification whenever something happens to the author or any his/her site.

Market the author/author’s books in over 10 classified sites. – Reaching out and advertise.

Monitor Google Webmaster Tools – Check on webcrawlers, stats, and
evaluate author’s situation.

Provide a client tutorial – Coach the author how to continue with the
promotional tactics already in place.

Package Duration – All of these services will be included in the 4 week package, but to effectively promote for the GREATEST SUCCESS comes with time. The best durational package recommended is the 8 week Premium Package.

*Note: I cannot guarantee links, registration, downloads and connections. In order for registration, submission, downloads, and connections to occur and be successful, my partner, Brian Knight, must have free access (administrator) to the author’s site…html codes must be properly downloaded into the widgets of the author’s sites in order to make the proper two-way link. If Brian cannot gain access into the author’s main site, many of these strategies will fail.*





All proceeds donated to children's hospital
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