"I enthusiastically endorse the expert services of Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's company. My website was only getting a set number of visitors a month and that was beginning to trail off. I discovered Jo-Anne's very affordable services through an author's loop on Yahoo. I  chose a campaign to help drive more traffic to my author website and it sure did! In two days I got double the traffic it usually would take two months to get. Thanks, Jo-Anne." >PJ DEAN, romance writer
www.pjdeanwriter.com <

"Jo-Anne created a new website/blog for marketing my book. The package included a new e-mail,Google account, Blogger account and other social networking accounts. She also submitted my blog to the three top search engines-Google,Yahoo and MSN.Her unique and cutting-edge service has been able to syndicate all my social networks together, create professional media releases and do book snippets and reviews.As an icing on the cake of a most exemplary service,she created user-friendly links back to my site and provided individual coaching on how I will proceed with my marketig plan.SUPERLATIVE ALL-ROUND PERFORMANCE!!!">Dr. Yomi Garnett "365 Days of Wisdom"<
Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

“Jo-Anne goes above and beyond the role of hired assistance to take a personal interest in her clients. Her work was superb, her instructions detailed and easy to follow and she provides great value for the fee. I would recommend Jo-Anne to any author trying to self-promote.” >Lynda Martin "This Bird Flew Away"
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Service Category: Career Coach

Jo-Anne took my boring facebook fan page and brought it to life. I plan on hiring her again next month to help market my book. She works fast and produces professional results.” >Diana Brandmeyer "Wyoming Weddings"<
Service Category: Marketing services
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“Jo-Anne's professionalism is outstanding. I did an interview about Jo-Anne (http://www.visualartsjunction.com/?p=4844). I'm known for my extensive research of my subjects, and spent quite some time researching her company, Premium Promotional Services. Her all-inclusive services excel in both quality and reach.
But Jo-Anne goes even further. She published her book, Premium Promotional Tips for Writers, so writers also have the option to "do-it-yourself." This speaks volumes towards proving that Jo-Anne isn't just in it for the money (exceptional services she offers), but truly desires to help writer succeed.”
>Best Selling Author Aggie Villanueva<

That was an awesome review! Thanks for doing this! I am very glad I decided to go ahead with it. Ryan S. Fortney Author of Pax Corpus

My experience with Jo-Anne and Premium Promotional Services (PPS) has been exactly what I wanted and then some. I thought had already done some internet marketing, but after working with PPS, I realized how little I had actually done. As requested, PPS took me to the next level and beyond. I am now on more websites than I can keep up with and getting the kind of exposure that one can only get through an organization like PPS. Jo-Anne was truly professional; she responded to all of my questions and concerns with enthusiastic, straight answers. I would reccomend Jo-Anne and her team at PPS without hesitation.Thriller Author Roy McConnell

I felt that Brian gave a fair unbiased review of my novel Mind Walker. My novel is shorter than most. I'm sure if Brian wanted to he could have read it in a few hours, but he took his time digesting each chapter. His review was insightful and detailed so that readers would have the information needed to decide for themselves if Mind Walker is a book they would want to read. Thriller Author Roy McConnell

Personable, Expert, High Integrity describes Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. She’s very friendly and helpful right from the start. Her expertise and professionalism shine forth in her "chat" dialog and her enthusiasm is contagious. Jo-Anne was a God send. I am a newcomer to books and promotion, and Jo-Anne gave me invaluable advice and direction. She is an expert in her trade and knows the importance of quality and timing with regards to promotion. She personally takes the time. Any promotional dollars I spend will be with you and your firm, Premium Promotions. God bless you, Jo-Anne.
Author Deborah McCarragher

Just a note of thanks for the invaluable assistance you have provided over the past two months. From your review of my book to the excellent technical support culminating in the expert design of my website I am extremely grateful. It will be a pleasure to recommend you to anyone in need of similar help. Author Simon Marshland

"Your advice and support is what keeps writers like me going" Author Marian L. Thomas

"Thanks Brian, You wrote three wonderful reviews for my books. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the outstanding job you've done with everything else as well. My website looks great now. It was a pleasure doing business with Premium Promotional Services. I will surely be a return customer.
Remember, a little faith will get your soul to heaven. A lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul. Thanks again my friend."
- Author Jay Miller

"Thanks to Misty, Barnes and Nobles is sold out of MY SON JOHN and CBD can't keep up with the orders." Kathi Macias 04/05/09

"Jo-Anne takes the mystery and guesswork out of book promoting—freeing up a writers time to write! I am one of your (many) friends from Good Reads’ and followers on Twitter. Congratulations, for all your hard work making: 'Premium' (as the word describes) the ultimate in promotional services for all authors who are serious about being read––great work!You are indeed one of the hardest working writers in the business--deserving of all the accolades you receive. Author Stuart Ross McCallum.

Premium Promotional Services

Seven weeks ago, I spoke with the Lord.

“Lord,” I said. “I have done what you have asked me to do in writing and publishing these three children’s books for you. They have turned out beautifully. Yet, I have spent so much time trying to promote them, and it seems that I’m getting nowhere. I have basically beaten my head against the wall trying, but nothing is working. At this point, I am asking for your guidance in the direction I need to go, and I need your help."

Basically, His answer was, “Step aside son, let me show you how it’s done.”

His first move was to drop me an Angel from heaven by the name of Jo-Anne. She directed me to their company called “Premium Professional Services.” There I met up with her partner named Brian Knight. From then on, it has been pure heaven.

I don’t know that I can put into words the outstanding job that they have performed for me.
I am simply Awestruck, and amazed at the professionalism at which they have performed. I have received professional weekly updates showing every detail of their work, and the accomplishments of such. “Awesome!”

I am so very happy I called on the Lord and followed his directions. I highly recommend this company to any author that is having difficulty as I was. They can deliver for you, I promise.
The best part was, I never had to lift a finger. They did it all. Thank you both so much for what you have done for me. God is good!

He delivers, and you are his messengers. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I wonder what next week will bring.
- Author Jay Miller

“Jo-Anne's knowledge of writing and what it takes to promote your work is awesome. I'd recommend her to any author looking to increase their exposure and name recognition.”
Anne Kane - Six time Published Author and winner of the Red Sage Alpha Male Contest.

“An absolute waterfall of information! Well done.” Avonomia/J.W. Nicklaus

"Jo-Anne Vandermeulen of Premium Promotional Services taught me something. I thought I was Internet savvy enough since I created a Twitter and Facebook page. And yes those two and other social network sites are not rocket science to set up. What Jo-Anne taught me is how much I didn't know. I didn't know really how to create a blog and I really didn't know how to bring it all together with the smoke and the mirrors known as SEO, search engine optimization. Her creativity and diligence is well worth the price of admission. If you have a book you want to market, do not miss this opportunity to work with Jo. She will get you to where you need to be. Plus she is a total delight, a huge supporter of your efforts and now a friend." - Author, Mark Stephen Levy, (09,19,09)

“Great organization. You’re so dedicated to your craft, and dedicated to writers.” Kelly Mortimer - Mortimer Literary Agency

“Cogent argument for starting right now with the blogging. I know too many authors who insist, “once I get a book deal”, or “once my book is released” that they will start to blog. Too late, I tell them! You have backed me up and given me renewed enthusiasm to keep my own blogging on track, with an eye toward branding and gaining a base of readers. Thank you!”- Lise

“Hi there Jo-Anne - thanks for this incredible material. It gives great insight into the world of publishing. I have always entered competitions and that is how my poetry has been published. Really keen to learn more as it encourages me to continue on my book. God gives us gifts and talents for a reason and you are CERTAINLY blessing me with yours! So thrilled we are friends and so blessed that I found this site by accident!!! Be blessed in His love.” - Rene

"Brian has provided a world of service for new authors with his blogspot The New Author. Each and every post gives insight into the intricacies of breaking into the very competitive published market. His interviews allow new published authors to share their experiences and allow the author to introduce themselves and their books to the world. I strongly believe this new venture of Brian’s is destined to be successful." – Stephen Chiarelli, author of The Connected.

" I have had the pleasure of knowing Brian for some months now. I first met Brian in November, when I was on my Virtual Book Tour. In that time Brian has been a great help in the vision I have for my writing. Not only is his advice sound, but he has advised me strategically on a number of issues, not only related to writing. His expertise shows he has great talent and knowledge in this arena, and someone I am glad to call my friend." - C.A. Milson, Novelist

"I would like to thank you, Brian for rolling up your sleeves and working so hard. Who we really are and what we are made of usually doesn't materialize until the job is done. And I can say that you have been remarkable." - M.L. St. Sure, Novelist

“Wow and awesome somehow do not seem adequate enough to convey how impressed I am with the quality and quantity of work you have produced in a short time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It has been a long patient wait for our Lord to introduce to me, you, the right professionals with the right marketing programs that will produce results. I have faith and can see after your first week’s work, that many people will be exposed to the book. The way you have worded the promotions creates within the reader a desire to want to read more which will stimulate many people to order the book in order to reap the benefit of finding answers to their many questions. What a great blessing you both are. I thank you again for all of your hard work and many efforts in promoting this important book to the masses. May it reach the people that will benefit the most from it, and may our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom be increased in numbers and in our hearts.” Perry Ennis, Client of Premium Promotional Services and Inspirational Author of “Prepare for the Coming of Messiah”/(05,17,09)



Simon Marshland said...

Fast, efficient, with an outstanding comprehension of Book Promotion, Jo-Anne puts the prima into Premium Professional Services. Look no further, she is the best and fully deserves all the accolades you see written here.
Simon Marshland

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