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Calling ALL Authors, Business Owners, Retailers, and Entrepreneurs

PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES is the solution to ALL your marketing and promotional needs.

CONGRATULATIONS! It’s taken you months, perhaps years, to create your service, product or book. Now it is time to share your creation with the world. How do you do that? We at Premium Promotional Services understand the frustration and confusion brought about when promoting anything. This is why we have developed unique promotional services guaranteed to generate massive exposure for you, your site, and your creation. 

Don’t stop now

You deserve to pursue your passion and earn the most profit from all your hard work. Keep going and let us alleviate you from the headaches of promoting and marketing.

*You Create It – We Promote It*

PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES will give you optimum online presence guaranteed, exposing you and your work to millions of people who buy online every day. Jo-Anne and Brian are eager and prepared to work with you on a one-on-one basis for powerful, effective online promotion.

You can stay at home and sell your creation locally. Jo-Anne and Brian will set everything up to market you and your creation on a global scale. We promote constantly. We stay in constant communication with our clients in order to provide the best possible solutions.

As Internet Promotional Manager, Jo-Anne understands that the key to selling a product is to draw attention to it; your creation needs to stand out from the pack. How the changes in technology can be daunting.


PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES will market you and your creation(s) using effective and powerful promotional tactics. With the Internet promotional expertise to optimize search engines and generate streams of traffic, your name and creation(s) will steadily gain recognition in social networks and well as search engines.

Our goal is to remove the headache, confusion and frustration of promoting from your life so you can focus on your passion. Jo-Anne and Brian will do just that as we provide the vehicle that will escort you and your creation to new opportunities and greater exposure.


Each service has been developed to generate enormous exposure throughout the global reach of the Internet. Click on each service to learn more.



As authors and business owners, Brian and Jo-Anne can relate to your problems. Developing an idea to a physical product is time consuming, takes concentration, and don’t forget about the deadlines we must meet. 
Leave all the stress and frustrations to us.
At PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL SERVICES, Jo-Anne and Brian will build your promotional platform by aggressively connecting with the millions of people on the Internet each day. We will develop a “Network haven of increased profitable traffic” for you and your creation(s). 

Our services are in great demand because we not only guarantee increased exposure we deliver it.

“Gratification is knowing that our clients are not only satisfied….but happy.”




I'd like to list my books in your bookstore. Donald James Parker
scaramouche9999 at yahoo dot com

Letitia Harmon said...

I would like to take advantage of the free offer from GoodReads.com. Thank you for the opportunity. I read your story and am glad you have discovered an exciting way to be successful.

Letitia Harmon

Chelle Cordero said...

So glad to hear that things are going so well with your company -

I would love to hear more about your FREE offer and books listed on Amazon (I've got 5).

Chelle Cordero

Diana said...

I'd like to know more about your services and the free offer. My book is on Amazon now, another will be there in June.

Heidiwriter said...

I am also interested in your free offer. I have a novel recently published (it's on Amazon, I'm doing a virtual book tour right now and about to leave on a driving tour of Montana.

Heidi M. Thomas
Cowgirl Dreams


I'm interested in your free offer as well. I have ten novels up on Amazon.com
all are ebook and kindle format. Six are in print. Thank you for the opportunity to promote my books on your site.

Elena Dorothy Bowman

Brian said...

To everyone - We apologize for the lateness of our responses.

Donald - I will be in touch about your books.

Letitia - Thank you. I will add your book to our bookstore.

Chelle - I will be in touch with you as well about your books. Thank you for your support.

Diana - Please use the contact page, the link is at the top of the site, and e-mail me the information about your book. I would be more then happy to add it to our bookstore.

Heidi - I will add your book to the PPS bookstore.

Elena - Thank you for your interest. Your e-books will add greatly to our bookstore as well as our other categories.

davidfcooper said...

I am the author of two ebooks, the translator of a print book, a co-author of a work in progress, and I too am interested in your free offer. See my website: http://davidfcooper.com

Peter Jones said...

I would love to have my books added to this excellent offer.


Thanks so much!


Brian said...

David - Please use the contact form at the top of the page and let me know a little more about your books so I can add them. Thanks.

Peter - If these books are listed with Amazon.Com then I will gladly add them to our bookstore. Thank you.

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Michelle Johnston said...
I saw Jo-Anne's post "Exposure, Exposure, Exposure" on LinkedIn regarding your FREE offer. I am iterested in having my book, Welcome to Grandparenting, included on your bookstore. It is currently available on Amazon (ISBN: 978-0-557-00875-9) I would also be interested in learning more about your services. Please contact me at macj3k@cfl.rr.com if you wish to learn more. Thank you!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you, JoAnne and Brian. Are you just listing ebooks or are you listing print books as well? The following six books are in print as well as the ebook and kindle format and on Amazon.com.
Contact - ISBN# 1-59431-497-7
Telepaths of Theon -ISBN# 1-59431-597-1
The Barbarians - ISBN# 1-59431-658-9
(All above are books in the Sarah's Landing Series).
The House On The Bluff - ISBN# 1-59431-363-6
Gatekeeper's Realm - ISBN#1-59431-451-9
Adams Point - ISBN# 1-59431-452-7
The above 3 are books in the Legacy Series).
Thanks again for doing this for all of us.

Denise said...

I have written my book and am in the process of editing it. I would love some help.

JJ Ritonya said...

I also would love to have my books listed if possible.
Both books are listed on Amazon and are in paperback and Kindle format.
Sunset ISBN# 144043171X
Hubbert's Peak ISBN# 1442130628

Lori said...

I would like to list my book with you also. Here All Along, finding my own inner strength is on Amazon.com
My blog is http://hereallalong.blogspot.com

Thank you,

P.Q. Glisson said...

I just recently self-published my first novel and would like for you to list it on your booklist. It's available through the online websites of amazon.com, barnes&noble.com and booksamillion.com
Her Sanctuary isbn#978-1-4502-0226-8
Hope this is free because right now I'm very short on funds.

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