TODAY, MARKETING AND PROMOTING IS A MUST! Create MASSIVE exposure on social media sites...FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN here we come!!!

Building Relationships Increases Readership
*The Key to Successful Marketing in 2011 is to Expand Your Network*

Building a platform that stands out from the rest worked in 2010...but TODAY, you will have to  be MORE THAN GREAT.

Don’t let this scare you away. Much of what you’re doing right now is good and is very close to being more than great. We have a built in, natural ability, to converse…and this is the major building block to forming relationships.

Social Networking Equals Success – Opportunities are out there.  Social networking equals success. All we have to do is take the step and reap the rewards. Never have we been in such an amazing position to build our author platform, create massive exposure, and sell our products. Together, we can *conquer all obstacles*.

Open up that first social media network and fill-out your profile. Don’t know something…heck, don’t worry about it, there are plenty within this community who are waiting to help those who appear stranded. Reach out and click the mouse that hovers over a member and request a friendship. Just reading that person’s profile has sparked some sort of interest your way. And that’s it! You’ve begun your journey into marketing-using the social media.

Positive attitude goes a long way. It will show in your voice—the articles you write, and even in the short bursts of communication. Staying positive is one of the secrets in producing quality blogs.

Why Start a Blog? 

A blog establishes authority—an expert on a particular subject matter.  A blog is your home base and will become your identity and place of presence.

Writing posts about your passion will come easily. If you’re struggling or dreading this task, chances are you haven’t discovered your true niche. It may be time to switch gears and take a self-inventory, asking yourself what you love doing the most.

How do I Create Quality Posts or Valuable Content?
-          Create articles around topics of your passion. Sell each post within the first paragraph. Like your story, it’s imperative to hook the reader from the first sentence or paragraph.
-          Stay positive and use a balance between informative and conversational language styles.
-          Produce posts that contain useful, intelligent, and newsworthy content.
-          Promote others using quotes with direct reference (if you can, use links). Others will appreciate the ‘mentions’ and your post will become stronger with the proven backed-up facts.
-          Do NOT be afraid to ask for help – again, a win-win situation
-          Spend extra time researching—educating yourself. Read, read (oh and did I say…read?).
-          Become a two-way blogger – become the viewer and comment on other blogs. The blogger will appreciate your following and other lurkers will read your response, become curious and may direct themselves back to your profile where your blog link is located.

Soon after you push that publish button, some of your viewers will contact you by responding to your post—positive interaction has begun. (Remember there will be many, many lurkers or viewers who’ll read your post but will not respond right away—but they’re out there, watching, reading everything you write). Your viewers will begin to share your name and quality content with others. Bingo! You have now graduated into the current of social media—marketing you and your products.

Even if you currently have a blog or website that falls under this promotional tool, its survival will depend on your expertise. Do you have the technical knowledge to effectively promote and drive traffic? No problem. Jo-Anne and Brian have the skills and ability to control your profitable destiny by turning your blog/website into money a flowing income you deserve.

*Marketing means exposure...exposure means more opportunities...more opportunities WILL increase the chance of sales/attracting clients*



Diana said...

This sounds very interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

What's the cost?

A. Colin Wright said...

Is this the place you meant for: ?

If you're interested in adopting another distributor for FREE, please leave a message in the comment section on the Premium Promotional Service site *You Write – We Promote* at: http://www.premiumpromotions.biz

Sure I'm interested, depending on the conditions.


annb106 said...

i'm the author of two book's what can you do to help me.

Brian said...

To you all - I apologize for the lateness of our reply.

Diana - I invite you to browse through the pages here on the site. If you have any questions feel free to use the contact page and ask away.

Martyn - Our fees for services are listed on the PPS Fee page located at the top of the site and also listed halfway down the front page.

A. Colin Wright - You are at the right place. You will notice at the top of the page a link to our new bookstore. If your book is listed with Amazon.com then we can include it in out bookstore if you are interested.

Barbara - We will be in contact with you shortly.

Carolyn said...

Sure, I'm interested in your offer. My book is The Anne of Green Gables Treasury-Special Edition and my website is http://www.inglesideimpressions.com. The book is listed on Amazon.com. Thanks very much -- Carolyn

Don Jeffries said...

Hi Brian,

I'd like to take advantage of your free offer to list a book that's on Amazon in your bookstore. Please list my book "The Unreals." The ISBN # is 1600760341. Thanks!

Lisa Lane said...

Why did I get an e-mail luring me in, telling me that services were FREE?

Bridget said...

I am interested in getting my book on the site promoted free of charge. My name in Bridget Morrow, my book "Master" is available on Amazon.com. The ISBN-10: 1413732763. Thank you.

Bridget said...

Forgot to leave info of the direct link to Master:


Thanks again.

Larry said...

Hey partner -- think I mentioned, my new ebook breaks this week. I'd like to know what you'd recommend in the way of promotional strategy through you, and what the estimated costs would be. Look forward to learning more!


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