#1 Marketing Tool for Authors

There exists a marketing tool that grabs your readers’ attention and sends them straight to the bookstore.

A well-made book video is the #1 marketing tool for authors today.

See for yourself. Watch this powerful Book Video:

(Book cover and video from YouTube)

Introducing Misty Taggart – A Hollywood Screenwriter whom brings over 20 years of experience to each Book Video, Misty produces Book Videos at TRAILER TO THE STARS.

(Picture of Misty)

Misty is thrilled to give you FREE video consultation at videotrailers@aol.com and she guarantees your book video to be featured on WEBTV4WOMEN. (http://budurl.com/gkam)

Check it out! For an affordable price, your new Book Video from TRAILER TO THE STARS includes:

* 60 to 90 seconds custom made, royalty free video production.
* Written and produced by a professional, Hollywood, award-winning WGA Screenwriter whom has written for top studios, both live action and animation.
* Professional Voice-Over Talent.
* Professional Photography (on special assignments).
* Top Videographers.
* Awesome exposure as your Book Trailer will be featured on multiple well known sites including: YouTube, DailyMotion, Tangle, Shoutlife, and Misty’s new show, The Cozy Book Chair, on webtv4women.
* Step-by-step tips and tricks on how to use your Book Video.
* A national press release with a link to your TRAILER TO THE STARS Book Video.

TRAILER TO THE STARS is the premiere place to go for professional, affordable Book Videos.

(Video Wall)

Feel free to browse TRAILER TO THE STARS. (http://www.trailertothestars.com/)

Misty Taggart will steer YOU in the WRITE direction.

Contact Misty TODAY by clicking HERE.


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