PPS Book Title Promotion: Prepare for the Coming of Messiah

Title: "Prepare for the Coming of Messiah"
Author: Perry Ennis
ISBN: 978-0-9796887-3-7
Genre: Religion/Prophetic
Pages: 450
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Thought provoking! These two words best describes author Perry Ennis’ book “Prepare for the coming of Messiah”. The facts recited from each biblical testimony will pull you deeper within yourself; a self-discovery, complimenting reflections on your present opinions, theories, beliefs and thoughts. The core meaning of this book is undeniably the gift of salvation through our heavenly Father, our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.

Promising messages are instilled throughout this Biblical resource. With the absolute truth as the driving force, “Prepare for the Coming of Messiah” will enlighten you—lift your soul even as Ennis depicts the troubling times ahead.

“Prepare for the coming of Messiah” is presented not in a fire and brimstone sort of way as many prophetic books are; but instead, in a personal way that is both comforting and easy to follow. Even though the tough times illustrated in “Prepare for the coming of Messiah” are indeed harsh, the message is delivered with an assurance of protection and mercy - a true blessing for peace of mind.

Through twenty-six years of research, Ennis accurately dictates the Holy Scriptures from four different translations. In this no-holds-barred Biblical resource, he uses detailed descriptions and delivers an unforgettable message of love, restoration, warning and hope.

Many times, Author Perry Ennis acts as a coach; humbly encouraging his reader to pay close attention to the references used in the Holy Scriptures. His careful guidance and powerful teaching is important for a book of this nature, and more than necessary for the reader to understand. Yet at the same time, Ennis’ writing style portrays an endearing quality as he welcomes you as a friend into this book of much needed information about the coming of Messiah.

I recommend this book to those who yearn to learn more about our heavenly Father, and for anyone who is searching to have a closer relationship with Him and our Savoir Jesus Christ.


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