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1. Who is author Frank Fiore?

Frank Fiore is a bestselling author with more than 50,000 copies of his non-fiction books in print. He has now turned his talents to writing fiction.

Frank has also written “To Christopher” that, under the guise of a book to his young son, leads the reader through social commentary, personal experience and entertaining stories that take the reader on a thoughtful journey through the challenges and opportunities that face the next generation.

Frank’s writing experience also includes guest columns on social commentary and future trends published in the Arizona Republic and the Tribune papers in the metro Phoenix area. Through his writings, he has shown an ability to explain in a simplified manner, complex issues and trends. During his college years, he founded, wrote and edited the New Times newspaper, now a multi-state operation, which recently purchased The Village Voice.

Frank’s interests in future patterns and trends range over many years and numerous projects. He co-wrote the Terran Project, a self-published book on community futures design processes, and worked as a researcher for Alvin Toffler on a series of high school texts on the future. He has designed and taught courses and seminars on the future of society, technology and business and was appointed by the Mayor of Phoenix to serve on the Phoenix Futures Forum as co-chairperson; serving on several vital committees.

Frank has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and General Systems Theory from Stockton State College and a Masters Degree in Education at the University of Phoenix. He and his wife of 30 years have one son. They live in Paradise Valley, AZ.

2. Can you shed a little light on your new book Cyberkill?

Fans of Tom Clancy, James Patterson and Clive Cussler, would enjoy this twist on the Frankenstein myth.

A brilliant programmer, Travis Cole, inadvertently creates "Dorian," an artificial intelligence that lives on the Internet. After Cole attempts to terminate his creation, Dorian stalks his young daughter through cyberspace in an attempt to reach Cole to seek revenge. When cyber-terrorism events threaten the United States, they turn out to stem from the forsaken and bitter Dorian. In the final conflict, Dorian seeks to kill his creator - even if it has to destroy all of humanity to do it. The geographic locations, government and military installations and organizations, information warfare scenarios, artificial intelligence, robots, and the information and communications technology in this book all exist.

As for SIRUS, pieces of the technology are either in existence or in the research and development stage. According to the Department of Defense, it doesn’t exist. The Fars News Agency of Iran reported otherwise.

3. How much research did you do when preparing to write Cyberkill?

The book was 10 years in the writing. Being a technology book and wanting to be exact as possible, I had to read technical manuals, papers, web sites, and R&D proposals then stretch what I had read into a plausible scenario.

4. Do you believe an author can research a topic to much when writing about it?

An author should research just as much as required to tell a believable story.

5. You recently found out that Cyberkill has been prepared as a screenplay. What's the difference between writing a screenplay and a novel?

Quite a bit. Novels are filed with narrative and descriptions. Screenplays are 90% dialogue and only 10% description and that too is very sparse. Just enough to give the director a feel for place, setting and action.

6. Travis Cole is the main character in Cyberkill. What does this character mean to you and how did you develop this character?

He’s a lot like me. A driven person but in to short cuts. Those short cuts cause a lot of problems in CyberKill. For me, I hired a story polisher to take what I had written and punch it up to make it more professional. He was an accomplished novelist and did the job it would take me years to learn.

7. In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of writing science fiction?

CyberKill is not so much science fiction as it’s science speculation. In either case, believability is the key.

8. You have sold over 50,000 copies of your non-fiction books. What did it take for you to achieve this milestone?

Seriously, very little on the publisher’s part even though they were a big New York house. What made the books a success is that they were part of a recognizable series and recognized as such by readers.

9. Writing is a labor of love and hard work. What brings you the most enjoyment when writing your novels?

Their completion !! As Gloria Steinem once said, “I do not like to write - I like to have written.”

10. What advice can you give to new authors?

Write, write and write. Finish a book and go on to the next. Write as many as you can and don’t look back. There’s only one strategy in my opinion that makes a successful author- one who makes real money. Keep writing until one of your books hits it big. Then, readers will go back and buy your other books. Dan Brown is an excellent example of this.

11. What or who inspired you to write?

No one really. I decided to be a novelist in high school and wrote part of my first novel there. If anything inspires me to write, it’s watching movies.

12. Where can the readers pick up a copy of Cyberkill?

They can buy it at BookLocker.com. That’s my publisher. Or they can buy it at Amazon or B&N.

13. Would you like to share any closing thoughts?

Yes. As a writer you have to have a thick skin and you have to not give up. When I get a set back I pick myself up and move forward again. One’s success is in the future – not the past. The future is what you keep your eye on.


Title: Cyberkill
Author: Frank F. Fiore
ISBN: 978-1-60145-806-3
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 362
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
Official Premium Promotional Services Rating:


With the stroke of the ‘yes’ button Travis Cole’s life, the life of his daughter, his friends and everyone on the planet hangs in the balance. Thinking he deleted all of his artificial intelligent (AI) agents Travis begins a new life. What he is unaware of is…he forgot one.

Dorian, the leader of the Digitari Brotherhood and forsaken AI, unleashes multiple cyber-terrorist attacks on the United States with one true target in mind – Travis Cole. As each of the attacks from the bitter and forsaken AI fail Travis gets closer to realizing the truth of the nightmare his life has become. Dorian will stop at nothing to have its revenge against the man who tried to terminate him, even if that means destroying mankind to do it.

“Cyberkill” is a sci-fi thrill ride with fast pace action and gripping realism.

It is clearly evident that Author Frank Fiore went to great lengths researching the technology, locations, and government agencies when writing “Cyberkill” which lends to the believability of the story. But Fiore goes beyond that by developing rich and interesting characters, tense drama and moments of mirth. It is easy to connect with Travis as he tries to save the day but what is amazing about Fiore’s writing style is his ability to deliver the motivations for Dorian in a way that readers can both understand and sympathize with.

By weaving together current events, the Internet, real scenarios, action and suspense “Cyberkill” instills enough paranoia to make the reader wonder as they frantically turn the pages to find out what happens next.

Those who read Science Fiction will love “Cyberkill” but make no mistake anyone who uses a computer will enjoy this thriller. This story of revenge and survival will stay in your mind long after you finish reading it. “Cyberkill” is a must read.

The Internet will never be the same after you read…”Cyberkill.”

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