PPS Book Title Promotion: "Poneasequa the Goddess of the Waters"

Title: "Poneasequa the Goddess of the Waters"

Author: S. Duckworth-Elliott
ISBN: 978-0-615-28969-4
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 126
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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New Book Brings Focus on Contemporary Native Americans

“Poneasequa, Goddess of the Waters is the coming of age story of a contemporary Wampanoag."

Native Americans are still here. Author Stephanie Duckworth-Elliott lets us know this in her debut Young Adult book, “Poneasequa, The Goddess of the Waters.

McKenzie Jones is always looking for a place that she can call her own and just be accepted the way she is. McKenzie escapes the daily rigors of chores and school, especially the stress of fitting in to a place where she was the only one that looked like she did; "Tall, red-brown skin, with dark brown hair and brown eyes." McKenzie often went to a place in her head called the "Place of Peace." Her "Place of Peace" was a place where she could be herself and feel that people would accept her. Little did she know that this place maybe a reality not just a fantasy that she has created.

McKenzie embarks upon a journey of self-discover after being asked by her teacher to do a presentation in front of the class on what it is like to be a Wampanoag (Native American) after overhearing McKenzie boast how she can contact her animal guide. To her dismay, McKenzie does not really know too much about the culture of her ancestors or about how that relates to what she goes through in 2009.

In the end McKenzie learns her final lesson as she has become a young woman, learned the truth of her history, received her name, and learned the wisdom of sacrifice and sharing, her final lesson is to live in peace and abundance where ever she may be.

Duckworth-Elliott delivers a rich in-depth look into Native American tradition and history. Her characters are both believable and easy to connect with. While Elliott shares the wisdom of Mackenzie’s grandfather through this main character’s adventures, the reader is able to feel McKenzie spiritually grow and transform into a woman where now she claims her Wampanoag identity.

Elliott entwines her endearing story into the fabric of history and breathtaking settings. Her depiction of the many Native American ceremonies (described in the pages of “Poneasequa the Goddess of the Waters”) will have the readers seeing warriors dancing in their heads and drums beating in their ears.

I recommend “Poneasequa the Goddess of the Waters” for young adults, whom are seeking their own journey of self discovery. Anyone with an interest in Native American heritage and tradition will enjoy this adventurous story. The journey of one little girl, through a world rich in history and tradition, will surly entertain both young and old. “Poneasequa the Goddess of the Waters” is a field trip to another world.

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