How would you like to see your book professionally displayed just like a movie preview?

Imagine all your viewers watching your book video, witnessing your story unfold. Think of the generated publicity in the eyes of all your viewers…like, WOW!

(Click on cover to open the video)

Misty Taggart is eager to custom design and produce an exciting and powerful video featuring your book.

Are you searching for a marketing tool that will draw attention, engage the thousands of viewers, increase followers, create a buzz, and drive the traffic back to the site where your book is sold?

High quality Trailer To The Stars Video is the answer!


Among Misty's credits: "Another World", "Knots Landing", "The Incredible Hulk", "Romance Theater", "Fantasy Island", "Scooby Doo", "Jem", "Fat Albert", "Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles", and much much more.

All with a personal touch, for
a total $685, you will receive your high quality Trailer To The Stars Video, plus:


- Book TTTSers
- Book Videos
- Cover-it TTTSers
- Meet the Author Videos
- Speaker Videos
- Special Events Promotions

*Misty will provide a personal consultation, and you will be actively involved in the creation of your video. How exciting!

The production dates are booking up fast. If you have a book release coming forth in 2009/2010, contact me today by clicking

At Premium Promotional Services where *You Write – We Promote*, we are here to serve ALL your marketing needs. For more services to equip the MASSIVE exposure you deserve, check out the following services:

- Site Creation..........(new)
Author Advertising..........(new)
Special Author/Fan Pages..........(new)
Author Interview..........(popular demand)
Existing Site Redesign..........(popular demand)
Book Title Promotion..........(new and improved)

I am ready to custom design a promotional package to suit your needs. Click HERE to share your thoughts and I’ll soon return your message.



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My second novel is now audio – like old time radio. All you have to do is listen. It’ll make you laff. Go to www.NewFiction,com

Choose ‘Senate Parking’

Skeeze Whitlow

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