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Title: "Be Not Deceived"
Author: Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka
ISBN: 141209003-2
Genre: Religion
Pages: 180
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Heaven or Hell…which do you choose?

The two options we have as we journey through life and enter eternity. This point is illustrated, supported and examined in “Be Not Deceived.”

If you are a Christian striving for understanding and a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, you will truly love and embrace this book. Unlike other books with religious themes, “Be Not Deceived” is surprisingly easy to read—very enjoyable.

The main question throughout “Be Not Deceived” is simple…
“Are you truly saved?”

Mrkvicka answers with many interesting facets. Supporting his theories, he applies the facts with multiple verses found in the Holy Bible. Reading “Be Not Deceived”, will challenge your thinking and your understanding of the scriptures in a way not many books can do. By the end, you will have a crystal clear understanding of God’s mercy, love, and desire for us to walk with Him.

As a break from the norm, Mrkvicka includes a guide. This list is broken down by topic, with scriptures as reference to resolve these situations in a practical fashion. Finally, in today’s mode of uncertainty, the reader will feel assured—containing wisdom and then applying the practical advise given as reference from “Be Not Deceived”.

Right from the first paragraph, Mrkvicka’s writing will capture your undivided attention. Again and again, he presents a wealth of knowledge with a pace that’s quick and always fresh with new ideas. No random and unnecessary repetition of subjects. The heart filled passion and absolute conviction of true love for our Lord and Savior is virtually on every page.

Need clarity about your relationship with God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

I recommend reading “Be Not Deceived”…an excellent resource book that will change your life forever. Now you can feel assured as you venture through this existing journey in life, and be totally prepared for the Lord’s planned eternity.

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