PPS Book Title Promotion: "Give Wings to My Triumph"

Title: Give Wings to My Triumph
Author: Reagan Rothe
ISBN: 978-0-9821012-3-0
Genre: Children (age 5 to 8)
Pages: 33
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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The peaceful town of Waxley, located on the edge of Aldash forest, is made entirely of wax. It is the home for a most curious boy, Saucir. However, Saucir is much more then curious; he has an imagination large enough for three children his age. With his oversized imagination, Saucir pretends to defend Waxley from the ghouls and monsters that live in the Aldash forest on a daily basis.

While playing one day, Saucir crosses paths with a pigeon. After a brief conversation with the bird, he gets a wonderful idea….he wants to fly like the pigeon. But Saucir has no idea how to fly. When told of Saucir’s idea, the pigeon just laughs and replies “you don’t have wings.” Saucir is not that easily deterred from his dream of flight so he wanders off to find a way to fly. While thinking of flight, Saucir walks until he is in front of the candy store. Saucir’s dream of flying is put on hold at the thought of candy. With his favorite candy (the jawbreaker) in hand Saucir makes his way to the playground eager to share his dream with his friends. As he makes his journey, Saucir begins eating this oversized ball; determined to get the special prize in the center. But like learning to fly, even getting the prize from his favorite candy seems to take forever. At the playground, Saucir shares his dream with his friends but the response is the same “you don’t have wings.”

Angered by the same response but still determined, Saucir hurries home to tell his family about his dream. Surely, they would be supportive in his dream. Imagine his heartbreak when he hears “you can’t fly, you don’t have wings.” Furiously, Saucir
runs away, racing deep into the Aldash forest right into a cave. Suddenly, before his wide eyes, he gawks in awe at the most magnificent flying creature in the area, Brax the dragon.

Brax, being a wise and compassionate creature, is intrigued by this boy who has invaded his home. He listens while Saucir shares his dream of flying. After their encounter, Saucir heeds Brax and heads home too apologizes to his parents for running away but, that does not deter his dream to fly. He wants to fly now. He does not want to learn in school first as Brax also advised. Will the impatient determined, Saucir finally learn too fly?

“Give Wings to My Triumph”, is a delightful tale that will capture the imagination of children while teaching them the importance of having morals – the virtue of patience, and to be respectful of a loving family.

Rothe has the unique ability to craft positive morals and ethics within an adventurous tale. His writing style is descriptive and fun – surely this tale with put a smile on the faces of both children and the young at heart.

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