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It was less than a year ago, I came to this exact same conclusion. I realized, through many conversations with fellow writers, I wasn’t alone. Everyone expressed very similar concerns. Many had expressed their fears of having to dive into technology that appeared to be like a second-foreign language. And yet others, had said that they just couldn’t do it because there wasn’t enough minutes in the day to do all this ‘marketing stuff’.

I decided to help my friends and solve this problem. I would *conquer all obstacles* and supply all my fellow writers with
FREE user-friendly marketing tips. Click HERE to collect your FREE tips.

Thankfully, my specialty is computers and marketing; so, wanting to offer and provide services to promote the author and their books, complimented my expertise.

On March 2, 2009,
Premium Promotional Services cyber-doors opened. *You Write – We Promote* is our brand and means exactly what it says—you don’t have to learn all that marketing jargon and spend countless hours, days, and even months away from your writing passion.

Now, you can leave all the marketing endeavors to us at Premium Promotional Services.
Today, I have a

Premium Promotional Services is expanding to include a
NEW marketing service.

How would you like to see your book professionally displayed just like a movie preview? Imagine all your viewers able to watch your book video and see your story unfold.

To bring even more
MASSIVE exposure to you and your book, I totally recommend this new VIDEO service.

Brian and I welcome our newest team member to Premium Promotional Services…

Misty is the Founding Member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writing). She brings 20 years of experience, actively working in animation and live action in Hollywood, that is the driving force behind Trailer To The Stars production.

Misty is the producer of professional
Trailer To The Stars Video, designing exciting and powerful author book videos, winning awards at: US film festival, USA film festival, Hollywood, and WGA Screenwriter. Misty’s previous clients include best-selling authors & top publishers.

Can you imagine? Right now,
YOU can be added to her list.

Here’s a recent sample of her amazing skills:

(Click on the cover to view video)

To learn more about Misty’s video service right here at Premium Promotional Services, click

YOU can *conquer all obstacles* by giving your books the massive exposure they deserve—dynamic promotions that drives traffic back to the site where your books are sold.

Here are
ALL the services offered at Premium Promotional Services:

Site Creation..........(new)
Author Advertising..........(new)
Special Author/Fan Pages..........(new)
Author Interview..........(popular demand)
Existing Site Redesign..........(popular demand)
Book Title Promotion..........(new and improved)
Trailer To The Stars Video……….(newest addition)

Feel free to browse the
Premium Promotional Services and allow us to design a package with selected services that will be just perfect for your marketing needs. Leave your money in your pocket and let me make the long distance call.

HERE and tell us your thoughts. We are here to help you. By leaving your phone number, where you live (so I can work out our time difference), and when would be the best time to call; I can talk to you in person, helping solve all your marketing needs.

It is time to act
NOW. Your fans are waiting to purchase your book. At Premium Promotional Services *You Write – We Promote*.


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