An App Builds Intimate Relationships Between Authors and Readers

Why have an App?
Why have an App?
An intimate relationship is NOT always sexual. An intimate relationship can be between the author and reader. Today, I’m going to share how ALL AUTHORS (fiction and nonfiction) can make more book sales through having an Author App.

Readers are interested in YOU!
Readers are interested in YOU!
YOU already have the qualifications to have an App. 

  • NONFICTION AUTHORS - Anyone who has a nonfiction published book has a unique perspective or a message. Your passion (how you will define your expertise). Everyone is a ‘thought-leader’ or an expert in their own field. Worthy of being helpful—assist others.

Available in over 90% of all devices!
Available in over 90% of all devices!

  • FICTION AUTHORS – MANY viewers searching Google Apps, participating as your audience, have always wanted to write a book. Whether your audience is interested in your books or want to know more about the author—how you wrote the book…they are interested in YOU. They are downloading your App because they want to be there. They have chosen to spend their time reading and roaming the various icons to learn what you have to offer.

Author App
Author App

Inside the Author App
Inside the Author App (Sample)
Publishing an App on Google Play is to interact with your readers (audience/followers/friends/fans)—your presentation or App is a place where they will download, read, and follow—and after they have downloaded your free Author App, they will interact. You will be able to read/listen through your CONTACT ‘place’ and through this interaction. You respond and then this becomes an INTIMATE (bonding) RELATIONSHIP –A true friendship!

Those Who Download Your Free Author App Are Your TRUE FRIENDS. They are:

  • EXCITED and INTERESTED - To click on each icon to read whatever you have to offer. A bond of similar interest.
  • DEDICATED – Will share your app… YOU and your books to others. Continue to follow your journey—create even more exposure and more traffic back to your site or App. They may even snag your QR Code and pass on to their existing phone contacts.
  • FORGIVING – Accept you for who you are. So if you forget to include a specific detail or wish to add more in the near future, they will keep you as part of their Apps without judgement. 
  • LOYAL and SUPPORTIVE – and even a tad protective and will defend you from the adversaries—branching out onto the Internet and social media status updates.
  • TRUST your expert credibility. Your book is proof of credibility. Your ‘drive’ to meet the ‘today’s-marketing-times’ by offering a Free Author’s App for them to carry with them wherever they go, proves dedication.
  • FINANCIALLY SUPPORTIVE - Your INCOME – This free Author App is a lead to the Book App that is for sale. These friends will buy your books and help spread the word to other potential purchasers.


Book App For Sale in the Google Play Book Store
Book App For Sale in the Google Play Book Store

Even more opportunities can come about AFTER purchasing the service to have a free Authors App. The Book App. Why? Because the viewer now wants to buy your book. Simple. They head to the Google Play Books Store and downloads your Book App into their device—upgrading the Author’s App and now has a SINGLE CLICK method to purchase your book and read your book from their device.


  • EXPANDS YOUR AUDIENCE - An opportunity to gather referrals and references to build an ongoing relationship.
  • BUILDS EXPOSURE – Sharing your App through Internet social media sites—world-wide! 
  • INCREASES INCOME – If today’s viewers cannot find you through Google Play…you will NOT be exposed. Most readers are searching for their books through Google Play.

Readers love their books!
You already have the qualifications to have an App. You have the interested and dedicated audience. You have it in your heart to help others. By gaining the courage to move forward in TODAY’S technological advancements, you WILL conquer all obstacles AND produce AMAZING results.

Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen 19,10,13

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