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Book App
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Inside the Author App
You belong and are part of this exciting new publication and distribution era…
Finally, the solution!


The Author App is ready for viewers to download for free in Google Play Apps section. 

Google Play App Store
Google Play App Store
Because this App is published in Google Play, the readers can easily find the author. 

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Google Play Author App
 For free, the readers can take their authors with them. Check out their sites and follow.
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 The Author Receives:

  • EXPOSURE – As most readers are now searching for their authors from their devices rather than through their computers.  The APP becomes the hub of all your communications be they social media sites, web sites, new books or whatever your web presence may be.

Author App service fee: Total - $99
 Note: (NO EXTRA SERVICE FEES charged. The App automatically updates each time there are changes made from the Author’s computer.)

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
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Google Play Books Store
Google Play Book Store
eBooks for Sale in Google Play Book Store
eBooks for Sale in Google Play
Authors this is your chance to sell your books on the MOST VIEWED site in the world! Google. 

 The Author Receives:
  • Custom designed Author App and published into Google Play Apps.
  • Book App for sale in the Google Play Book Store.
  • Attention from your targeted audience - Applicable eBook for sale, compatible with more than 90% of today’s digital devices.
  • Control – Save money not having to hire a publisher, distributor, and an expert to convert your print into an eBook.
  • Time to write – Leaving the Internet jargon, dealing with the multiple book formats, and distribution to Appy Our Publishing.
  • Reduce stress – As the process to hiring this service is simple. Send PDF and the largest book cover image. That’s it!
  • Income on sales.
  • Chance for even more opportunities.
  • Added exposure - Increase traffic to sites as the amount of follows will grow.
  • Accessible – Adding your book for sale on Google.
Google Play Book Store
Google Play Book Store Sales
eBooks for Sale in Google
Book App service fee – 50% Special Savings - Total - $499 (Original Price - $999. Sale ends Oct.31).

Sample of eBook for Sale in Google
eBook For Sale in Google
eBooks For Sale in Google
eBooks For Sale in Google
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